Athletes for Kids

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Empowering Our Community to Thrive

Around here, we tend to be pretty private people. While our branch and staff members are very active in the community, we don’t talk about it often.

But, in an effort to raise awareness about some of the amazing organizations the Fairway Kirkland family supports, we’re going to step out of our comfort zone. We’re going to tell you a little bit about the special things going on here.

Giving’s Been Part of Our Foundation

Since Fairway Kirkland was founded, the branch has donated $25 to charity for every loan closed. In our early days, those donations went to the American Warrior Initiative – a non-profit that supports veterans suffering from mental and physical disabilities.

Fairway Kirkland’s Community Service Committee

In the summer of 2016, the branch formed a Community Service Committee (CSC). Comprised of volunteers, Fairway Kirkland’s CSC selects a non-profit to support each quarter. Each non-profit is selected based on recommendations from the staff at large.

The selected charity receives $25 for every loan closed during its designated quarter. The CSC also organizes community service events for the staff, friends, and family in support of the quarterly charity. And, the branch matches all employee donations made to the current charity during the quarter – helping employees maximize their giving.

Want to Help?

If you are interested in making a donation to our quarterly charity or joining one of our community service events, we’d be honored.

This Quarter's Charity: ATHLETES FOR KIDS

Impacting Lives, One Mentorship at a Time

Friends aren’t just the individuals your child plays tea party with. They’re the support system empowering your child to do new things. They’re the example who encourages your child to get outside of their comfort zone.

Unfortunately, when your child has special needs, friends aren’t always the easiest to make. Athletes for Kids changes this.

This amazing non-profit pairs children with special needs with high school athletes. Athletes and their buddies meet two to three times a month over a span of one to three years. The experience has proved astounding for all involved.

Parents of buddies report their children gained a sense of self-confidence, began to try new things, and improved their social skills. Likewise, mentors were empowered with a new sense of community, compassion, and sense of purpose.

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