How to ENJOY Your Home Right Now

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June 8, 2018
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How to ENJOY Your Home Right Now

In celebration of Independence Day, let’s take a moment to be grateful for home. While the work we’ve put into acquiring our castles (small or big) may not compare to the Declaration and following battle we pay homage to today – it is no small feat.  So today, we won’t tell you 10 things to make your home better or the 3 home appliances worth splurging on – no.  Today, here are 5 ways to enjoy the home you have right now, be it rental, rambler or retirement dream home.  They aren’t groundbreaking, but we’ll bet you haven’t done them any time recently.


1. Go for a walk.

Go for a walk around your neighborhood. While it isn’t exactly your home, we all know you choose a neighborhood before you ever choose a house. So go for a walk. Meet a neighbor. Or don’t. When was the last time you strolled around your own streets?


2. Read a book.

Read a good book. Pick a comfortable spot, any spot and read a book. We’d say a real book, but who’s to judge you and your kindle.


3. Sit and breathe.

Lay in your yard. Find a hammock, a blanket, or a chair and sit outside. That’s it.


4. Have a drink.

Invite friends over for some iced tea, cold beer or a cocktail. Sit in the livingroom with the throw pillows you spent weeks picking out. Or go out on the back deck.


 5. Play a game.

Play a board game. No more Candy Crush – table your phones and pull out some cards or a board game from the closet.


You’ve worked hard for this home, and chances are you’re saving hard for the next one, or for a renovation. We all are too! But today, take a moment to enjoy your home and your loved ones exactly as they are right now. Happy 4th of July friends! We are proud of the work you’re doing and of the work we get to do with and for you. Today, let’s rest, play and enjoy.


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