Bob Rankin


MLO-112345, Licensed in: CA, WA

Business is about relationships. This phrase is an underlying principle in the way that I approach and execute my daily work. Whether it’s building a youth baseball organization for 150+ kids, which I have done for the past ten years, or being a part of my local church for the past 30 years, my goals are to serve those relationships that I have and pursue excellence in building organizations.

Peter Zevenbergen


MLO-114571, Licensed in: OR, WA

Peter Zevenbergen is dedicated. He’s dedicated to his family, his clients, and your success. His close consideration of each loan has earned him a distinguished reputation in the mortgage industry. Both clients and real estate agents recommend Peter to their friends and associates. They know he leaves no stone unturned. His attention to detail ensures your loan’s immediate and long-term success..

Bryan Gorder


MLO-107906, Licensed in: AZ, CA, ID, MT, OR, WA

Helping others, that is what gets me excited. Every day I work closely with moms and dads, first time homeowners, businesses, and retirees. With 20 years of experience in the lending world, I know the ins and outs. I  believe people come first. My process is clear-cut. It’s straightforward. I listen to your wants and needs. I handle the details. And no matter how long the loan process takes, I’m with you until the end.

Desiree Yuzawa


MLO-85375, Licensed in: CA, OR, WA

Desiree Yuzawa is driven to serve her clients. Her communication and knowledge of the mortgage industry allow her to listen to the client’s mortgage goals and to put a plan in place to achieve them. Clients, Real Estate Agents and other financial professionals recommend friends, family, and associates to her because they know she goes the extra mile each and every time.

Rob Beckner


MLO-112383, Licensed in: CA, OR, WA

Rob Beckner gets to know you and your needs. By establishing expectations from moment one, he helps you see and understand each step of the loan process. His hands-on, proactive approach to lending ensures he deals with all the different nuances and people to keep your loan moving forward smoothly. Rob always has a smile on his face and he’s acutely aware of each step it takes to reach success.

Dirk Nevelle


MLO-114708, Licensed in: WA, OR, ID, CA and TX

Dirk Nevelle is a straight shooter. Whether you’re getting together personally or meeting professionally, he’s upfront and honest. Consistently one of the top lenders in the region, I’m licensed in five states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Texas. My team and I work closely with you through every stage of the process, ensuring each detail is managed with care.

Dan Chapman


MLO-70767, Licensed in: CA, CO, WA

With more than 15 years of lending experience, I know the ins and outs of the business. I listen to your wants and needs. I answer your questions and my team and I work together closely to ensure your loan is closed smoothly and on time. My job doesn’t end when the home loan is closed. I want to be the mortgage professional you always choose, the one you recommend to your family and friends.

Drew Nichol


MLO-107865, Licensed in: CA, MT, OR, TX, WA

Although I got a late start in my mortgage career, when I entered the business in 1999 I had a vast amount of life experiences that proved invaluable as I built my business. It was a struggle and I made a lot of mistakes, but with each mistake came a valuable learning experience. Those lessons shaped my philosophy not just in my business, but in my life. To me, life and business are simply about relationships.

Barry Friedman


MLO-110348, Licensed in: WA

Helping you achieve your goals – that’s my number one priority. It has been since I entered the mortgage and loan industry in 2008. It’s why my clear-cut, straightforward process always begins with a discussion. I listen to your wants and needs. I explain your options. Then my team and I handle the details to ensure your success.

Dave Schmutz


MLO-505324, Licensed in: AK, ID, WA

Dave’s goal is to help his clients achieve their goals. He has been helping the Seattle area homebuyers finance their homes since 1986. He knows that accurate information is key in the lending process and makes it his goal to know all the nuances of the lending industry. Dave believes his purpose is to be an advocate for each of his clients.

John Nuebel


MLO-1098845, Licensed in: WA

Taking care of people, that’s what I believe in. Whether fielding questions or researching creative solutions, I make it a priority to be there for you through the entire loan process. Together, we’ll define your goals. I’ll explain your options. Then, my team and I manage every detail of your loan to ensure it closes on time. Your loan experience matters to me and my team, and we work very hard to make sure it’s a good one.

Randy Locke


MLO-450224, Licensed in: WA

Randy has a long history of working with homebuyers covering all possible bases and finding the best financing plan for you. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to move, Randy is ready to help you from start to finish in the home buying process.

Pierce Rankin


MLO-1480352, Licensed in: WA, OR, CA, CO, AZ

As a former professional baseball player, Pierce knows success is a process of achieving short and long-term goals. Pierce approaches clients as a teammate and a coach; listening, educating. As your loan officer, he is there to answer questions, no matter how big or small. Together, you’ll talk about the kind of lifestyle you plan to live, exciting developments on your horizon, and family additions. He’ll explain your options. Then, he and his team will manage every detail of your loan to ensure it closes on time. One goal reached, he’ll be there when you decide it’s time to start planning for the next too, because it’s a process and you’re a team.

Bill Sammer


MLO-15546, Licensed in: WA

Bill started working in the mortgage industry in 1993 after graduating from Central Washington University, and never looked back. He enjoys working with the awesome people that make up the team at Fairway, and being able to offer Fairway’s wide array of pricing and products to best serve his client’s needs. When Bill isn’t working on lending solutions for his clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife Kathy and his two boys, Kyle and Drew. Bill is also an avid fly fisherman and golfer.