Bob Rankin


MLO-112345, Licensed in: CA, WA

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Bob Rankin is a local who knows what matters most – people. That’s why he doesn’t just process and close loans. Bob listens to your wants and needs. He gets to know you and your priorities, and then handles your loan as though it were his own. With more than 25 years of financial experience and nearly 10 years in the lending world, Bob is meticulous. As a former business owner, he understands the importance of building a strong team. His role as a loan officer and branch manager here at Fairway has allowed him to do just that. This ensures that your loan is always handled with expertise.  Whether building a youth baseball organization for 150+ kids, which he’s done for over a decade, or being a part of his local church for the past 30 years, Bob’s goal is always to serve each relationship he has and pursue excellence in building organizations.

Peter Zevenbergen


MLO-114571, Licensed in: OR, WA

Peter Zevenbergen is dedicated. He’s dedicated to his family, his clients, and your success. His close consideration of each loan has earned him a distinguished reputation in the mortgage industry. Both clients and real estate agents recommend Peter to their friends and associates. They know he leaves no stone unturned. His attention to detail ensures your loan’s immediate and long-term success.

Chris Hill


MLO-1673612, Licensed in: WA

Chris Hill has always had a passion to help people. As a former high school and college counselor in Seattle, WA, Chris knows the ins and outs of goal planning, educating, and listening. Chris is here to help his clients meet their financial goals using those same skills in the mortgage industry. Chris understands buying a house can be one of your greatest financial decisions, he is here to walk you through every step of the process. When Chris isn’t working with his clients, he enjoys spending time with his newborn daughter, Cayla.

Desiree Yuzawa


MLO-85375, Licensed in: CA, OR, WA

Desiree Yuzawa is driven to serve her clients. Her communication and knowledge of the mortgage industry allow her to listen to the client’s mortgage goals and to put a plan in place to achieve them. Clients, Real Estate Agents and other financial professionals recommend friends, family, and associates to her because they know she goes the extra mile each and every time.

Tyson Walker


MLO-1677143, Licensed in: WA

After graduating from the University of Washington, Tyson spent several years as a manager at the Nordstrom corporate office. He loved being a part of the customer focused atmosphere and seeing how far putting others first can take you. With this famous Nordstrom value instilled, he struck out to serve a client with a slightly bigger purchase in mind. He finds great joy in looking out for home buyers and helping them find the right fit in a mortgage.

Steffan Clements


MLO-502185, Licensed in: WA

Steffan Clements has spent over 30 years in the residential real estate industry. In the most recent half of Steffan’s career, he served as a Wealth Management Mortgage Banker. During his tenure, Steffan strove to make complex financial needs into simple and digestible solutions for his clients. Now, at Fairway Independent Mortgage Steffan can do the same for you.  The right mortgage. The right way. Right now.

Lance Morgan


MLO-742281, Licensed in: WA

If you got to know Lance you’d agree he was reliable, trustworthy and confident. He’s not a sales person, but he does speak his mind. When Lance advises people his instincts, values and goals align and he’ll tell you this is when the magic happens. He likes to solve problems. And at his core, he is a giving person who embraces personal betterment and enjoys empowering others through his knowledge and experience.

With over 4 decades of crafting certain traits and combined with over 17 years experience and helping thousands of families finance homes Lance is proud to say he has mastered the mortgage career.  The mortgage process should be simple & transparent. Lance’s mortgage services comes with a speed to respond, a reliable system delivered with confidence. Best of all, he loves what he does and is happy with the person he’s become through helping others.

Barry Friedman


MLO-110348, Licensed in: WA

Helping you achieve your goals – that’s my number one priority. It has been since I entered the mortgage and loan industry in 2008. It’s why my clear-cut, straightforward process always begins with a discussion. I listen to your wants and needs. I explain your options. Then my team and I handle the details to ensure your success.

Gene Shin


MLO-118825, Licensed in: WA, CA, ID

Gene has been in the Mortgage Industry for over 20 years having graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Finance and Information Technology from the Foster School of Business.  He also holds a degree in Financial Planning and takes the Financial Advisory approach to mortgages when consulting with his clients, covering all aspects of their finances.  His mortgage career includes working for banks, brokers, and correspondents with a concentration in New Construction Financing working with Custom Builders to multi-unit Condo Developers.  He has 2 boys in high school that compete at a high level nationally and internationally in Tae Kwon Do and also perform musically in piano, saxophone, and bass.  Gene’s interests include golf, yoga, cycling, and design.  In his spare time, Gene truly enjoys spending time with his friends and traveling to bucket list destinations with his golf clubs.

Amit Baruch


MLO-505319, Licensed in: WA

This is going to be one of the largest and most complicated financial transactions of your life – why would you leave anything to chance? As a senior loan officer with nearly two decades of experience, Amit (pronounced ah-MEET) has seen every situation a client can have, and he’s found successful solutions for each of them. Amit uses his knowledge, his communication expertise and his negotiation skills to turn the financial intricacies and business jargon into a process that feels simple and streamlined to his clients. When he’s not working as a senior loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation or instructing a class, you can probably find him skiing, surfing, traveling or touring a local winery with his wife, Anita.

Additional language spoken: Hebrew

Pierce Rankin


MLO-1480352, Licensed in: WA, OR, CA, CO, AZ

As a former professional baseball player, Pierce knows success is a process of achieving short and long-term goals. Pierce approaches clients as a teammate and a coach; listening, educating. As your loan officer, he is there to answer questions, no matter how big or small. Together, you’ll talk about the kind of lifestyle you plan to live, exciting developments on your horizon, and family additions. He’ll explain your options. Then, he and his team will manage every detail of your loan to ensure it closes on time. One goal reached, he’ll be there when you decide it’s time to start planning for the next too, because it’s a process and you’re a team.

Troy Chambers


MLO-116342, Licensed in: WA

Starting in 2001, Troy has built an extremely effective mortgage producing team through a high level of communication, customer service and ethical lending practices. In today’s purchase market, Troy and his team honor their commitments, meet all closing dates, and provide helpful guidance to every individual they work with. Using a thorough mix of product knowledge and a streamlined mortgage process, Troy strives to meet each client’s specific financial goals. His team is driven by positivity and enthusiasm. They are primarily focused on serving their clients in a manner that fosters trust, and future referrals. Every person on the team understands their vital role in the loan process and plays it with great energy and interest, while keeping a spirit of service as the cornerstone of their work. Troy and his team’s core convictions are expressed in the way they conduct their business.

Brian Doherty


MLO-754389, Licensed in: WA

Brian began his lending career in 1986 when interest rates had dipped below double digits for the first time in years. Since then, Brian has helped borrowers navigate the many ups and downs of interest rates and the ever-changing challenges of Federal regulations and oversights. He’s proud to be a part of the Fairway team, where the lending process is made easy and “understandable” once again.

Natives of the Northwest, Brian and his wife enjoy spending time with their three grown children and find nothing better than clear skies for golf or flying.

Dave Schmutz


MLO-505324, Licensed in: AK, ID, WA

Dave’s goal is to help his clients achieve their goals. He has been helping the Seattle area homebuyers finance their homes since 1986. He knows that accurate information is key in the lending process and makes it his goal to know all the nuances of the lending industry. Dave believes his purpose is to be an advocate for each of his clients.

Dean Ono


MLO-109539, Licensed in: WA

As a mortgage professional for over two decades, Dean Ono has seen the industry change drastically over the years. What hasn’t changed is his philosophy – always put the client’s interest first. To Dean, this means more than just financing a home. It’s about foresight, ongoing care even after the loan has closed, and crafting solutions that will allow his clients to spend time enjoying the life they have worked so hard to achieve. Dean enjoys helping clients purchase a home in Washington, where he grew up, and where he is proud to raise his daughter today.

Sergey Shirokov


MLO-506984, Licensed in: WA

Sergey Shirokov from Fairway Independent Mortgage in Kirkland, WA, is committed to providing the best home loan solutions for his customers. Backed by excellent operations and a company that truly cares about people, Sergey’s goal is to help everyone achieve their dream of owning a home.

Kevin Winter


MLO-108844, Licensed in: WA

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kevin has a unique understanding of this region’s market.  With over fifteen years in the mortgage business, he is well versed in all the various loan programs and options.  Whether a first time homebuyer or a family looking to refinance, Kevin has your best interest and goals in mind.  He is here to answer any question you may have with a straightforward approach and will make sure he and his team take care of you at every step along the way.

Bill Sammer


MLO-15546, Licensed in: WA

Bill started working in the mortgage industry in 1993 after graduating from Central Washington University, and never looked back. He enjoys working with the awesome people that make up the team at Fairway, and being able to offer Fairway’s wide array of pricing and products to best serve his client’s needs. When Bill isn’t working on lending solutions for his clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife Kathy and his two boys, Kyle and Drew. Bill is also an avid fly fisherman and golfer.

Dan Chapman


MLO-70767, Licensed in: CA, CO, WA

With more than 15 years of lending experience, I know the ins and outs of the business. I listen to your wants and needs. I answer your questions and my team and I work together closely to ensure your loan is closed smoothly and on time. My job doesn’t end when the home loan is closed. I want to be the mortgage professional you always choose, the one you recommend to your family and friends.

Drew Nichol


MLO-107865, Licensed in: CA, MT, OR, TX, WA

Although I got a late start in my mortgage career, when I entered the business in 1999 I had a vast amount of life experiences that proved invaluable as I built my business. It was a struggle and I made a lot of mistakes, but with each mistake came a valuable learning experience. Those lessons shaped my philosophy not just in my business, but in my life. To me, life and business are simply about relationships.

Bryan Gorder


MLO-107906, Licensed in: AZ, CA, ID, MT, OR, WA

Helping others, that is what gets me excited. Every day I work closely with moms and dads, first time homeowners, businesses, and retirees. With 20 years of experience in the lending world, I know the ins and outs. I  believe people come first. My process is clear-cut. It’s straightforward. I listen to your wants and needs. I handle the details. And no matter how long the loan process takes, I’m with you until the end.

Rob Beckner


MLO-112383, Licensed in: CA, OR, WA

Rob Beckner gets to know you and your needs. By establishing expectations from moment one, he helps you see and understand each step of the loan process. His hands-on, proactive approach to lending ensures he deals with all the different nuances and people to keep your loan moving forward smoothly. Rob always has a smile on his face and he’s acutely aware of each step it takes to reach success.

John Nuebel


MLO-1098845, Licensed in: WA

Taking care of people, that’s what I believe in. Whether fielding questions or researching creative solutions, I make it a priority to be there for you through the entire loan process. Together, we’ll define your goals. I’ll explain your options. Then, my team and I manage every detail of your loan to ensure it closes on time. Your loan experience matters to me and my team, and we work very hard to make sure it’s a good one.

Randy Locke


MLO-450224, Licensed in: WA

Randy has a long history of working with homebuyers covering all possible bases and finding the best financing plan for you. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to move, Randy is ready to help you from start to finish in the home buying process.